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    What is UPtown Ecothon?

    UPtown Ecothon is a hackathonorganised by high school students, with the purpose of improving Bucharest’s infrastructure and greening.


    26-28 February.


    On the Discord platform.

    What will exactly happen?

    UPtown Ecothon has two main themes: city-planning and environmental awareness. Starting February 26, to February 28, participants, whether working in teams or individually, will work on developing a software solution that will help solve one of these two issues. There aren't any constraints enforced, pre-settled APIs or requirements regarding the solution's implementation. it's enough if you have an idea and a computer.

    How will the winners be chosen and what are the prizes?

    You can find the prizes, alongside a short description, aici.The software applications will be judged during the Demo(read more below) by mentors, judges and our team(50% of the vote), also considering the audience and participant's opinion(50% of the vote).

    What is a Demo and when will it take place?

    A demo is a presentation, a snapshot of the application's purpose and functionality. This presentation could be supported by video material but will be done live, after the coding session, where each team will have the opportunity to present their application.


    The application doesn't need to be finished. During the 36 hours of the coding session, we will be expecting to see only a demonstration of what the finished project might look like. If you need help or have questions to ask, you can contact one of our mentors. They are professionals working in the industry and will be willing to answer any of your questions. For any other organizational problems, please contact us here.

    When can I sign up?

    Registrations begin on January 26 and will end on February 24.

    Where can I sign up?

    Right here, on the website, by completing this form.

    How many people can be in a team?

    Maximum 6 people.

    What if I don't have a team?

    You can choose to enter in the process of the team formation. Throughout this process, we will be associating participants with similar ideas and complementary competences. This way you can increase your chances of succeeding!

    General Layout

    Intro ceremony (1 h) - Friday, 18:00
    Coding challenge (36 - 48 h) - Friday, 19:00 until Sunday, 12:00
    Demo preparation (6 hr) - Sunday, 12:00 until Sunday 18:00
    Demos (2 h) - Sunday, 18:00 until Sunday, 20:00
    Judging / Intermission (1 h 30 min) - Sunday until 21:30
    Award Ceremony (45 min)