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    Here you can find out how to contact us. The title is pretty straightforward :)
    Our Team
    Here you can find more information about who we are, where we come from, and what are our values.
    This Website
    More information about the website.
    You can leave us a message using the form below, or you can contact us at

    "Spiru Haret" National College address: Strada Italiană 17, București 021021

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    Our Team
    The Uptown Ecothon is organized by both the Robosapiens Robotics Team of “Spiru Haret” National College in Bucharest and The Change Hub.


    The Robosapiens robotics team was formed back in 2016, when the FTC competition first appeared in Romania. The competition involves designing, building and programming a robot, while also promoting your team and organizing events that encourage FTC values, such as gracious professionalism and coopertition. Having participated in the FTC competition for 4 years now, the team has won multiple awards, such as: Finalist Alliance Second Pick ( 2018 national competition), Think Award ( 2019 regional competition) and Think Award ( 2020). Some of the benefits of participating in this competition include learning various abilities and skills that school doesn’t teach. For example, it is possible to learn how to make a budget and how to establish a partnership with a sponsor. Moreover, you can learn how to work in a team, communicate efficiently and be responsible.

    The Change Hub

    The Change Hub represents the first educational hub situated in a public educational institution in Romania, the “Spiru Haret” National College. It is a community perfect for anyone who wishes to learn skills such as time and event management or develop their public speaking and leadership abilities. All of these things are taught in a non-formal and interactive way, through numerous trainings for the members of the community, sustained by specialists and entrepreneurs. The Hub has already organized various events, such as The Voice of Youth, Unboxing You, The Splash, Reborn and P.S. Love Yourself.
    This Website
    This website was built entirely from scratch, by a team of 3 high schoolers, in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We are not experienced programmers, so if you see something glitching, or if something is not behaving quite right, please, contact us (send us an email or use the form in the 'Contact' section on this page)! If you want a fun activity, try searching for bugs and weirdly-written code on this website and tell us what you find :)
    About Us